Thursday, February 21

In teams of 3
4 rounds:
Station 1- 400m row
Station 2- 400m run
Station 3- Rest

**one partner per station
**may not switch stations until everyone is done at their station

Core Crusher (3 times through)
10 second hollow hold
15 leg lowers
20 bicycle crunches
25 situps
30 sec plank


Monday, February 18

THE OPEN STARTS THIS WEEK! Everyone go sign up at
It is such a fun way to compete with your fellow members and learn something new about your fitness.
We are so excited to be coaching you through the open the next 5 weeks starting this Friday. Every Friday for the next 5 weeks we will be completing the open workout for that week, whether you are signed up or now. So why not just sign up and see how you stack up against the whole world, California, or just in the gym. There are options to do RX or scaled, so we can all do it together!

Bench Press
1-1-1-1-1 —> find a heavy single

Kettlebell Hell- 15 minute AMRAP
15 Kettlebell swing
15 Kettlebell Goblet Squat
15 Kettlebell Push Press (holding same as goblet squat)
15 Kettlebell Deadlift