Friday, July 20

20 min clock to work through 5×3 pause back squats 1:3:1

For time:
20 push press 75/115
30 bar over burpees
40 kB swings 35/53
50 sit ups
100 air squats
50 sit ups
40 kB swings
30 bar over burpees
20 push press


Monday, July 16

Congratulations to Te for winning the last challenge. She was able to hang from the bar for 3:01! You’re prize will be waiting for you Tuesday at the gym.

This week will be max burpee to plate in 2 minutes. The plate is to assure everyone is jumping! You may not burpee with your body on the plate. You have unlimited attempts for the week. Good luck!

For Time: Double DT

  • 10 rounds:
    12 deadlift #105/#155
    9 hang clean
    6 push jerk